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After working many years and saving for retirement, you’re now close to your retirement age. So, what’s the next move? What better way to pack your precious possessions and move out to the most beautiful and fascinating country? Today more than ever, many people (especially Americans) have begun thinking about retiring to a different country. There are many factors for why that is the case however some of the reasons include warmer temperatures as well as a range of modern facilities, amazing health systems, and excellent housing, all at a lower cost. If you’re ready to retire, pack your bags and think about retiring to one of these wonderful nations.


For those who are planning to take a break in Europe, Spain is the best option. Each year Spain continues to be one of the least expensive destinations for retirees to live in. It is a place that has constant sunshine and numerous advantages to retiring. In addition, there is more value for your money when it comes to the property, making the cost of living reasonable, but the amenities across the country are excellent. With all the advantages, you’ll understand the reason Spain is among the most desirable options for retirees.


The lifestyle in Mexico is simple. Not just do they have the best healthcare system in the world, but their vibrant vultures and beautiful beaches are two of the many benefits. One of the biggest benefits that come with life in Mexico is the fact that living costs are low, which is why it is the ideal retirement home.

South Africa

South Africa has recently become one of the top destinations where people are looking to retire. It is due to the incredible weather and the affordable price of living. Some also believe that the medical facilities are excellent within South Africa, compared to other countries in the world. Another reason that many people decide to retire in South Africa is because of the wide variety of sporting facilities. If you’re in search of something different This is the right place to be!


Malaysia is likely to be one of those countries that do not come to your mind at first, possibly because English isn’t an official language in Malaysia. But don’t let that put you off. A large number of English natives will be amazed at how simple it is to travel in this amazing country. Living costs are extremely low, as is public transportation that gives retired people an excellent opportunity to travel the other parts of Asia.


If you’re looking for a different alternative to Europe The stunning sun-kissed Portugal is the perfect place for you! It’s not just that Portugal is widely regarded as one of the most secure places around the globe, but also one of the most affordable to live in. Its cost to live is low and it is much less than any other country within its region. The retirees enjoy Portugal because there’s a myriad of activities that keep them entertained and busy and not forgetting the beautiful beaches. It’s easy to understand the reasons Portugal could be an ideal place to retire.

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