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With its mild temperatures, stunning beaches, and breathtaking Mountains, LA is one of the most expensive places to reside across the US. It’s so huge that it’s said to be home to an 88-city city within the city! With all the cities within a town, there are plenty of options for living within Los Angeles. Every neighbourhood has distinctive aesthetics, it’s a dream to live in these places! However, they don’t offer free housing…

Malibu Colony Beach $10.65 million

The gated community house is a secluded and exclusive one with stars such as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. It’s also known by the name of “The Colony” and is among the most adored locations to reside in LA. For those who are determined to cut a hole in their pocket. The neighbourhood is home to homes that sell for $10.65 million! It is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and offers spectacular views. All amenities are within reach with adequate security. This is the ideal celebrity location.

Beverly Hills $7.5 million

Beverly Hills Gateway Beverly Hills Gateway is one of the best areas located in Beverly Hills. It is best known because it is the location for Beverly Hilton, the Beverly Hilton, where the Golden Globes are held annually as well as The Virginia Robinson Gardens, and the famous Beverly Hills hotel.

Trousdale $8.5 million

The area of Beverly Hills lies another famous neighbourhood known as Beverly Hills. It is known as the Trousdale Estates. The Trousdale Estates is a popular spot at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains and the second most isolated community in LA. It is currently home to stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Jane Fonda. In the past, big stars like Elvis, Sinatra, and Groucho Marx were all a part of this exclusive zone.

Serra Retreat $5.5 million

We’ve talked about exclusivity before, but this is the best of with only 100 spots according to the plan. The retreat was founded by a religious organization known as the Franciscan Friars which is open to all who are seeking to meditate and reflect on their lives.

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