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Exploring the internet and looking at the various luxury items that only a few have the money for is certainly not the ideal choice however it is an enjoyable one. From diamond jewellery to extravagant automobiles and some private planes a few people have the money to buy all the things they want. Another luxury those with wealth can avail themselves is of course an exquisite and costly house. What is the cost? Let’s take a look at some of them.

Silicon Valley Estate — $88 million

If you’ve visited Los Altos Hills in California You’ll be aware of how stunning the area is. One famous tourist attraction within the region is the first home that we have on our list: Silicon Valley Estate. With a cost of $88 million and is the property of tech entrepreneur Kumar Malavalli. It is home to 5 bedrooms and a self-contained office and guest suites, as well as an indoor pool that can retract its roof as well as a massage room and sauna. It sounds great, doesn’t it? The estate is situated on eight acres of pastoral land.

Brookline Estate — $90 million

In Boston located in Boston, the $90 million home covers 26,623 square feet. It is the property of Reebok Chief Executive Officer Paul Fireman. It is home to twelve bathrooms, and eight bedrooms as well as a country club and a golf course. The estate is located on 14 acres.

Pumpkin Key – $95 million

Who wouldn’t want to live in their exclusive paradise located in the Florida Keys? The home has 5500 square feet and is situated on a land area of 26 acres. It’s a main residence that has three bedrooms. It also has various cottages, a dockmaster’s apartment, a marina that has 20 slips and lots of lands which are open for new development. For added convenience, golf cart trails are throughout the island and at the centre of the island tennis courts which double as helipads.

Fifth Avenue Duplex — $96 million

The duplex co-op worth $96 million is located at 834 Fifth Avenue in New York City. It offers views of Central Park, a library that has a ceiling height of 12 feet and 20 rooms, as well as an underground wine cellar. This duplex is one of the most expensive properties in NYC and is considered to be an expensive city to reside in. No big deal, right?

Las Varas along with Edwards Ranches — $108 million

Las Varas and Edwards Ranches is a home worth $108 million close to Santa Barbara in California. The ranch covers 220 acres and includes two private beachfront miles. Because of this, it offers stunning views of the mountains and the ocean. It is home to a 3500 square-foot main home, a cottage, a guesthouse, a barn, and a lot of outbuildings which date from the 1880s.

Rancho San Carlos — $125 million

In the city of Montecito, California, you’ll find some of the world’s most expensive real estate properties in the world. Rancho San Carlos is one of them, sporting a $125 million value. The estate is spread across 237 acres with the main house, which is 30,000 square feet that were constructed in the style of Reginald Johnson back in 1931. Additionally, the estate features 10 cottages, horse riding amenities as well as a large area of avocado and citrus orchards.

Kensington Palace Gardens — $222 million

Only in London can you find a home in which you can reside for only $222 million! It is equipped with everything you could ever need, and much more. It has twelve bedrooms Turkish restrooms, parking spaces for twenty cars and a tennis court the health centre as well as an automobile museum.

Rutland Gate Mansion$ 436 million

“Mansion” could be a huge understatement in this instance. Rutland Gate Mansion could be a one-of-a-kind property located within London’s Hyde Park neighbourhood. The home, valued at $436 million, includes the luxury of 45 bedrooms as well a a huge swimming pool that is located in the basement, as well as underground parking. It’s so lavish that it was even home to bidets that were covered with semi-precious stones as well as gold-plated trash bins 41 chandeliers, and more than 100 tissue holders made of gold. In the late 1990s, the house was furnished by the Paris-based photographer and Interior designer Alberto Pinto’s firm for two years. The company renovated the house between 1992 and 1994.

Villa Leopolda — $750 million

The $750 million collection of gardens and villas are situated in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. The magnificent waterfront property is set over 18 acres of sprawling land. It was once part of king Leopold II of Belgium.

Antillia — $1 billion

Not to be left out this estate worth $1 billion was purchased by Indian billionaire industrialist Mukesh Ambani. It boasts 27,400 square feet and 27 floors. There are three Helipads, 6 underground parking levels and 600 employees It’s difficult to imagine that one person could afford this kind of place.

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