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The world is almost entirely absorbed in the economic crisis. Through the ups and the downs across the globe, it is clear how fast money moves and goes. However, the cash flows back into the pockets of many people around the world. The world’s richest decide to invest their money not just in cars, fashion and vacations, but in real estate as well. The property market has grown into a massive symbol of wealth, and with the current wealthiest vacation homes, it is essential. These five destinations are filled with investment opportunities and are sought-after.


The Swiss are not just ahead of the curve about environmental consciousness prison systems, environmental awareness and pretty much everything else but also ahead of the curve in the real estate market. Not facing any global threats or enemies, the country is a sought-after holiday destination as well as an area of stability and economic security for investors. The Swiss are not strict in the matter of leasing, renting and conducting business in Switzerland in the event of an international citizen, which adds to its attractiveness to use for business. The only stipulation is related to the law that bans the possession of an additional residence, which can cause the cost of commercial property prices to rise.

New Zealand

With a total income of $6 billion purely from their tourism department, New Zealand’s property is in a state of flux. New Zealand is a year-round tourism destination, which creates a stable economy. For winter enthusiasts, it is an extremely popular destination for skiing during the winter months and for summer lovers, it has beautiful beaches and vineyards during the summertime. New Zealand has incredibly lax tax laws, with one of which is there is no estate tax. International investors investing less than NZ$10,000,000 can invest without a permit from the Overseas Investment Office. There are plenty of investment opportunities both of a personal and commercial nature.

Liguria, Italy

This beautiful city with several 1.5 million is a relatively conservative and sensible option. The city has just enough history as well history as any other place in Italy however it is far cheaper. The economy of Italy is regaining its strength and with the rise in tourism, it is a city that offers growth and potential. The city is situated on the Riviera of Italy, it encompasses beautiful seaside villages and houses. The city is an excellent location for a second holiday home or vacation property as opposed to a commercial investment. The British are looking for property in the city, so get it as soon as you are able.

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